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What’s the legality of the Art sold on this site?

In this respect we are especially careful about the art we buy and put up for sale.
We undertake to comply with the legal requirements of each country that relate to the rules governing exportation of works of art. All items that are available on the www.outofafricagallery.com website meet these criteria.

Are these works of art acquired in a fair way?

The works of art that we present are acquired in the spirit of fairness to vendors, whether they are villagers or traders. Only good purchasing conditions allow us to access exceptional items: This involves respect for community customs and the religious beliefs of the ethnic groups we encounter.

Are the items sold “antiques”?

In the African tribal art world, there are few items over a hundred years old, except for those in bronze, ivory and terracotta.  Conservation of wooden objects is difficult due to insect damage.
We offer items found in Africa, which are seldom seen and hard to find.
Our submission requirements are based on two fundamental principles:
Authenticity and traditional manufacture.
Authenticity refers to the creation of the object for own use and not for commercial purposes. Old or antique objects show signs of use, wear and tear, and repairs made by the very people who produced them. This type of item can vary in age, but is generally produced in single units, by the hands of blacksmith sculptors or their descendants, thus preserving the rites and wisdom of religious customs.  We always aim to be honest with our customers and provide an age estimation for all items. We do not offer imitation ancient objects or items whose authenticity is lost through multiple copies. However, we occasionally source and import contemporary pieces, selected for their beauty and the delicacy of their execution. Each piece is accompanied with a description, including its origin and an estimation of its age.

Are the items sold authentic?

Our items are authentic because they are made within their own ethnic context. But, not every item has had the same degree of ritual use.

How can you tell the age of your items?

Using the binocular laboratory test, it’s possible to give an initial opinion and if this analysis proves conclusive it’s possible to date wooden objects using “Carbon 14” dating and terracotta items using the “thermoluminescence” technique. The cost of dating would be around €250, which is only worthwhile for works of art of great value. However realistically speaking, it’s fair to say that hardly any items over 100 years old come into galleries and are more likely to be in the hands of a few internationally known dealers or museums. But there are still many beautiful and interesting works of art of between 50 and 100 years old which we’d like to show you.

Do you have local contacts?

Salvador Campillo, Sorella Acosta’s business partner, has lived in Mali and Burkina Faso six months a year for over thirty years. Being familiar with the customs and knowing both village leaders and villagers of different ethnic groups in both countries, he travels in the area and carefully selects objects and traditional tribal art. His selection is based on authenticity, quality, aesthetics and traditional manufacturing, while respecting the beliefs of ethnic groups and their willingness to sell or not.

Can a viewing of your works of art be arranged?

You’re welcome to view works of art at the Out of Africa Gallery, located at 22, Calle Santa Bárbara, 22440 Benasque, Huesca, Spain. An access map and opening hours can be found on the gallery website. Viewings can also be made by appointment, calling us on +34 618356351. But, if you live far away and you cannot come up to the gallery, each object has several pictures from different angles, a close-up and a presentation text for a better overview of the work of art for online viewing.

Are Prices shown on the website negotiable?

We always aim to please our customers but unfortunately prices are not negotiable.  But, we try to offer quality items at reasonable prices and we will consider payment by installments.

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