Photo Boris Anjel ANJEL (Boris Anje)
Born in 1993 in Bamenda - Cameroon
Lives en works in Douala - Cameroon 

After finishing his baccalaureate in 2012, he managed to enter the Foumban Institute of Fine Arts (Cameroon). His studies allowed him to make contact with famous local artists such Hervé Youmbi and Jean-Jacques Kanté and also with the Contemporary Art Center "Les Ateliers Sahm", where he met the "Dandies". In 2015, he obtained a professional licence in drawing-painting (IBAF) and in 2018 a Master. Actually, he poursuits his artistic research and creations. Some of his artworks entered yet in major art collections such as the permanent collection of the World Bank in Washington. 
His work and creations are centred on the intimate relationship linked with the concept of dependency. “My artistic work arises from the intimate relationship linked with notions of dependency. A force of attraction that generates a fictitious bond between two random things. I'm interested in producing pieces that function like a mirror for introspection. From an aesthetic point of view, I engage in the metaphoric relation of the elements that are interposed and transformed. My work becomes a kind of interrogation and presentation of the realities of dependency, knowing that to reject all dependence is to elevate man above being."

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His favourite themes relate to social matters, the subjects of said taboos. Curious and interested in everything he sees, he uses different artistic disciplines such as painting, drawing, video and digital art in general. In his creations, the artist exteriorizes his thoughts: for him art is liberating and allows him to go forth and encounter others, hide his shyness and feel fulfilled. In the exhibition "Extravagance" to be held in October-November 2018 at the OOA Gallery, ANJEL's work depicts subjects who are addicted to fashion, labels, and the need to pretend to be what they are not. “In this consumer world, the desire to feign imposes itself as a human need, as a catalyst of our life, making us believe that it makes us superior, that it allows us to elevate ourselves within society”.


2016-2018: Masters in Drawing & Painting, Foumban Institute of Fine Arts (IBAF)
2012-2015: Professional Licence Fine Arts, IBAF
2011-2012: Baccalaureate

Professional experiences

- Collective exhibition "Extravagance" - OOA Gallery - Barcelona, Spain
- Collective exhibition at the Beirut Art Fair
- Collective exhibition during the OFF of Dak'Art, with "Les Ateliers Sahm"
- Collective exhibition during the Douala Art Fair
- Collective exhibition "Cameroun: une vision contemporaine, Acte VIII" - World Bank - Youndé, Cameroon
- Collective exhibition "Carnaval" . OOA Gallery - Barcelona, Spain
- Colllective exhibition “Avis de Tsunami” - Carré des Artistes - Douala, Cameroon
- Collective exhibition “Equilibre fragile” - Sanaa Gallery - Utrecht, The Netherlands
- Collective exhibition "Prix Orisha" - Appartment Gallery - Paris, France
- Collective exhibition "Art2017" - Doual'art - Douala, Cameroon
- Collective exhibition "African Colours" - OOA Gallery - Barcelona, Spain
- Collective exhibition "The Congo Dandies" - OOA Gallery - Barcelona, Spain
- 1st prize "Pascal Martin Tayou" - Jeunes Espoirs 2017 - Doual'art - Douala, Cameroon 
- Collective exhibition "Je te présente ma ville" - IFC - Congo
- Collective exhibition - Les Ateliers Sahm - Congo 
- Exhibition, French Institute, Congo
- Exhibition, Festival Cot’Art Bonapriso, Douala, Cameroon
- Artistic residency, Les Ateliers Sahm - Congo
- First prize - painting, Les Ateliers Sahm
- Best painter - Foumban Institute of Fine Arts (IBAF), Cameroon 


- Private collection - Italian Art Critic 
- Private collection - Cotco Finance Director 
- Permanent Collection World Bank - Washington, USA 


Artworks for sale

. Anjel - - 2018 >INFO
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