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Evans Mbugua is a young artist-painter-designer. He was born in 1979 in Nairobi, Kenya where he received his Bachelor’s of Art in 1997. Two years later he decided to follow his artistic studies in France. He graduated from the University of Toulouse, Superior School of Art of the Pyrenees, obtaining his degree in Graphic Design in 2005.

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While starting his professional career as artistic director in a communications agency in Toulouse, he continued his own personal artistic practice in his studio. In 2011, Evans went to Paris, where he devoted all his time to artistic exploration and design.
For Evans, in whichever of his artistic pursuits, the human is at the center of his practice, the tool by which he chooses to express himself. The artist paints, takes photos and records hope, the joy of living, love, pleasure, exchange, pride, emotions ... staging his life, that of his friends or strangers. The diversity and cultural crossbreeding of different people nourishes his curiosity.
His first collective exhibition was organized by UNESCO in 2014 in Paris during "The Week of Kenya". This was followed by three exhibitions in 2015 in Gallery Ko21 and Gallery HCE in Paris. 2016 was a year of revelation with his first solo exhibition in Paris at the Ellia Art Gallery curated by Olivier Sultan. His works were exhibited in Paris in 7 collective exhibitions, whose were organized by Piasa. In that same year, Evans also exhibited at the Gallery of African Art in London and and participated in an artist’s residency in Morocco as part of the 2nd edition of Art'Rimal. In 2017, his works were displayed in the United States, in the Museum of New York. The gallery Arte-Z in Paris organized an individual exhibition and he will finish the year in style, presenting his work for the first time in Spain as part of the exhibition "IDENTITIES" from December 9th to January 28th, 2018 in the gallery Out of Africa in Sitges (Barcelona).
In "IDENTITIES", Evans directs his gaze at identity and hidden faces. Favoring the portrait to celebrate his contemporaries, he uses glass and plexiglas to elevate his characters with brightness and reflections, emphasizing human fragility at the same time. The background with the pictograms present in his works represent the urban environment that shapes and gives rhythm to our daily lives.

Solo Exhibitions

- Identities – Out of Africa Gallery – Sitges (Barcelona), Spain
- Highlife – Galerie Art-Z – Paris, France
- Evans Mbugua – Ellia Art Gallery – Paris, France

Collective Exhibitions

- Exode – Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse – Saint-Savin, France
- Expo d’été – Galerie Art-Z – Paris, France
- My collection – MoCADA Museum, New York, USA
- The ArtBall 2017 – Amref Health Africa – New York, USA
- Itinéraires - Galerie Art-Z – Paris, France

- Mode is Art – Galerie Joseph – Paris, France
- Origines et Trajectoires 2 – Piasa – Paris, France
- Style Fusion – Gallery of African Art – London, England
- Cartes et Identités – Cloîtres des Billettes (curator Olivier Sultan) – Paris, France
- Familles – Galerie Emmanuelle Rousse – Saint-Savin, France
- Le Livre délivre – Galerie ko21 – Paris, France
- Origines et trajectoires – Piasa – Paris, France
- 14ème Salon des Arts Plastiques – Centro Cultural Communal de Pierrefitte, France

- Afriques à Venir – Galerie ko21 – Paris, France
- Afric’Art – Villetaneuse (COP21) – HCE Galerie – Mairie de Villetaneuse, France
- La Semaine de l’Afrique – UNESCO – Paris, France

- La Semaine du Kenya – UNESCO – Paris, France


- Etat d’urgence – Galerie de la Voûte – Paris, France

Artist Residencies

2ème Art’Rimal – Galerie d’Art de Oujda – Morocco


His works can be found in private collections in France, England, Italy, Denmark the United States, Kenya, Nigeria and Morocco.

Artworks for sale

. Evans Mbugua - Spin - 2017 - 100 x 100cm - Oil on plexiglas & photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Spin-100x100-EvansMbugua2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Space - 2017 - 100 x 100cm - Oil on plexiglas and photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Space-100x100-EvansMbugua2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Rise - 2017 - 100 x 100cm - Oil on plexiglas & photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Rise-100x100-EvansMbugua2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Flow - 2017 - 100 x 100cm - Oil on plexiglas and photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Flow-100x100-EvansMbugua2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - La vague - 2018 - 50cm H x 40cm W - Oil on plexiglass and photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Evans-Mbugua---La-vague-_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Timing - 2018 - 70cm H x 50cm W - Oil on plexiglass and photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Evans-Mbugua---Timing_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Step in - 2018 - 100cm H x 70cm W - Oil on plexiglass and photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Evans-Mbugua---Step-In_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Take me over thrice - 2016 - 65cm H x 50cm W - Oil paint on plexiglass & photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Take-Me-Over-Thrice-EvansMbugua2016_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Marching - 2017 - 80cm H x 60cm W - Oil on plexiglass & photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/BANDE-BLANCHE-Marching-EvansMbugua2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Still I rise - 2017 - 80cm H x 60cm W - Oil paint on plexigass & photo paper - Contact for price - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/BANDE-BLANCHE-Still_I_Rise-80x60cm-EvansMbugua-2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - I believe. I can. - 2017 - 100cm x 100cm - Oil on plexiglass and photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/BANDE-BLANCHE-I_Believe_I_Can-100x100cm-EvansMbugua-2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Take me over twice - 65cm H x 50cm W - 2016 - Oil paint on acetate with Photo paper - Contact for price - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Take-Me-Over-Twice-EvansMbugua2016_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Prélude - 2017 - 100cm H x 70cm W - Oil paint on Plexiglass with Photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Prelude-EvansMbugua2017_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Bamako Studio - 2017 - 100x100cm - Oil paint on Plexiglass with Photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/BANDE-BLANCHE-Evans-Mbugua-Bamako-studio_600x600.jpg
. Evans Mbugua - Dimanche au Bronx - 2017 - 70cm H x 50cm W - Oil paint on plexiglass with Photo paper - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/bande-blanche-Dimanche-au-Bronx-EvansMbugua-2017_600x600.jpg




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