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1508 Freddy Mutombo 01Brother of the actor Cajou Mutombo, Freddy was born in Kinshasa on the 1st of July 1978. Fresh from his interior design degree at the Kinshasa academy he remained there to do several workshops: set design under the direction of Jean-Christophe Lanquetin, video with Edith Dekeyndt and film with Stéphane Lallemand. Freddy Mutombo has been lucky enough to grow up in the art world. His father was an actor and director. After human sciences, he went back to interior design whilst concentrating on set building. His friends were painters, naturally he fell in love with painting and since then he paints his surroundings and what he sees in everyday life while always respecting his own inner feelings. His paintings recount recent events experienced by Congolese society: arrests, elections,corruption...

With oil, with acrylic or sometimes mixing the two, Freddy Mutombo isn’t afraid of energetically taking on large painted canvases. Faces often emerge from a magma of bold colours.

Freddy Mutombo tries to get the painting to speak for itself no matter what the viewer can see, as long as they feel concerned about it. Freddy is a painter belonging to the “Librisme” movement and has not given up his set design which he continues to practice with street children, hungry for discovery and fun.


Artworks for sale

. Freddy Mutombo - "50ans et alors" - 2010 - Acrylic and oil on canvas - 128cm H x 198cm W - Price: 3.900€ - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/freddy-mutombo-5-4fe35bb68dabb_600x600.jpg
. Freddy Mutombo - "Unité, justice, amour" - 2008 - Acrylic and oil on canvas - 72cm H x 91 cm W - Price: 1.900€ - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/freddy-mutombo-4fe35875e1543_600x600.jpg
. Freddy Mutombo - "La crise du siècle" - 2008 - Acrylic and oli on canvas - 68cm H x 81 cm W - Price: 1.900€ - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/freddy-mutombo-l-4fe35733241e6_600x600.jpg
. Freddy Mutombo - "Mopao" - 2008 - Acrylic and oil on canvas - 70cm H x 89cm W - Price: 1.900€ - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/freddy-mutombo-4fe35643b4d40_600x600.jpg
. Freddy Mutombo - "A moi¡!!!" - 2012 - 49,4cm H x 65cm W - Acrylic on canvas - Price: 1.200€ - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/freddy-mutombo-4fcf99abe3102_600x600.jpg

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