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Foto Wycliffe MundopaBorn 1987 in Rusape, Zimbabwe. Lives and works in Harare, Zimbabwe. Studied art from 2005 till 2007 at the “National Gallery Zimbabwe Visual Arts Studios”. At 30, Wycliffe is already a veteran painter in the emerging contemporary art scene in Harare. Having begun painting at the age of 15, Wycliffe sees painting not only as his first love but also as a life long passion and vocation
Wycliffe Mundopa is almost undoubtedly the most passionate and committed painters of the lives of women and children in Harare’s underprivileged neighbourhoods. His works speak out with passion at anger, cynicism and compassion and most of all with relentless commitment to acknowledge those too often swept under the carpet by society. Described as a poet of Zimbabwe’s woman and children, he sees the dreams in the nightmares in his brutally, but lovingly razor sharp paintings.

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His work also becomes an opportunity to see how painfully and vibrantly women’s lives reflect the conflicts of tradition and change of life in contemporary life in Zimbabwe, from the clash of moral codes to the economic strain, which makes children into adults too soon. He presents cultural and social taboos without adornment or judgment – the mothers, the prostitutes, the caregivers, the breadwinners, the beautiful and the ugly, the selfish and the greedy.
He is deeply conscious of and committed to his culture and his people and the importance of speaking the truth of his time and his place, without making compromises to achieve short-term commercial gains.
His exceptional skill as a draftsman brings a masterful ease to his paintings, as well as stencil collages and spray-paint drawing/painting. It has also won him acclaim and popularity with both collectors and critics. His works are collected and exhibited as far wide as Hong Kong, Kenya, Australia, France, UK, Germany and The Netherlands, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea.


- Dramascapes, First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- FNB Joburg Art Fair – Johannesbourg (South Africa)

- No Limits Exhibition (HIFA), First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Nude, Naked, Nature Exhibition, Iroko Arts Consultants – Nairobi (Kenya)
- 1:54 Contemporary African Art Fair – London (UK)
- Berliner Liste Art Fair – Berlin (Germany)
- No Limits, Harare International Festival of the Arts – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Chiso Exhibition, First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare (Zimbabwe)

- Toy Memories, First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Inexactly This, Kunstvlaai Festival of Independents - St Nicholas Lyceum – Amsterdam (Netherlands)
- Harare Exhibition - First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Africa Not Reachable - First Floor Gallery Harare – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Berliner Liste Art Fair, MUMA – Berlin (Germany)
- Joburg Fringe Art Fair – Johannesbourg (South Africa)
- Painting Performed by First Floor Gallery Harare, Chimanimani Arts Festival – Chimanimani (Zimbabwe)
- Harare Beyond Words, Gallery H – Bangkok (Thailand)

- Young Zimbabwean - Gallery H – Bangkok (Thailand)
- Reaching Out, First Floor Gallery, Chimanimani Arts Festival – Chimanimani (Zimbabwe)
- Harare Paris, Le Pavé d’Orsay – Paris (France)
- Art & the City First Floor Gallery Harare, Harare International Festival of Art – Harare (Zimbabwe)

- First Steps, First Floor Gallery – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Month of Printmaking, Dzimbanhete – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Live and Direct exhibition and prize, National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Artists in Streams, Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)

- Enriching Woman, Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)

- Let’s Get Together, Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Young Painters, Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Peace through Unity in Diversity, Exhibition and Prize (European Commission exhibition), Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Young Artist Exhibition, Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)
- Final Year Show, National Gallery of Zimbabwe – Harare (Zimbabwe)


 - Special Mention, Peace Through Unity Exhibition and Prize, European Commission, Gallery Delta – Harare (Zimbabwe)
 - Prizes for Outstanding work in two dimensions, National Arts Merit Awards – Harare (Zimbabwe)

Private & Public Collections

Private collections in Hong Kong, Kenya, Australia, France, UK, Germany, Japan, Kenya, The Netherlands, Cameroon and Museum of Equatorial Guinea.

Artworks for sale

. Wycliffe Mundopa - "Future for sell" - 2017 - 155cm H x 120cm W - Oil on canvas & collage - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/WYCLIFFE-bande-blanche-20170220-10_600x600.jpg
. Wycliffe Mundopa - "Little flower" - 2017 - 140cm H x 100cm W - Oil on canvas & collage - SOLD - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/WYCLIFFE-bande-blanche-20170220-08_600x600.jpg
. Wycliffe Mundopa - "Fish 2" - 2017 - 130cm H x 95,5cm W - Oil on printed canvas - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/WYCLIFFE-bande-blanche-20170220-07_600x600.jpg
. Wycliffe Mundopa - "Fish" - 2017 - 130cm H x 95,5cm W - Oil paint on printed canvas & collage - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/WYCLIFFE-bande-blanche-20170220-098_600x600.jpg
. Wycliffe Mundopa - "November Carnival" - 2017 - 160cm H x 240cm W - Oil and collage on canvas - INFO
INFO images/stories/virtuemart/product/resized/WYCLIFFE-bande-blanche-01-50_600x600.jpg


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