Contemporary African painting


International contemporary art is heavily influenced by the cult of subject matter. Picasso along with Matisse gave the trend a great impetus and support which is now booming in Africa.

Painters from overseas come at a high cost; economic means and materials are needed. But for some, inspiration is drawn from Africa’s earth and the sand from her streams. For others its’ her soot and the bark from her trees. The advantage of these natural materials is the coherency that exists between them; harmony without discord.
Others still, try swapping canvas, cardboard and wood for wicker and braided matting which hold within them rhythm and colour and bring texture to the piece : different  fibers ,mysterious collages and all encompassing pastel reliefs are used.

Will they send painting further down the track of a new genre of sculpted painting? Constant reference to various forms of vegetable and mineral nature, seem to the artist, like the addition of magic, increasing the strength of the work. It’s strange to think that magical objects are always made up of complex elements: adding the strength of a curative herb, the power of iron or rust, the vitality of shells and the lifetime of a tree.


Materials are all of this.


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